The Danish European Community Studies Association (ECSA-DK) was formed in 1976 with the ambition of supporting and inspiring discussions about Europe in Denmark.

ECSA-DK has two official goals.

  • ECSA-DK supports research and teaching on all aspects of European cooperation – administrative, political, legal, economic and social. The focus is on the European Union, but other organizations and relations are also relevant.
  • ECSA-DK also supports cooperation between ECSA-DK members and organizations with similar goals.

ECSA-DK belongs to its members, and anyone that engages in research on Europe can become a member. ECSA-DK’s budget is composed of contributions from members. ECSA-DK does not accept any form of public support, and is both politically and financially independent of all outside interests.

ECSA-DK organizes meetings, including the annual meeting. During the meetings members can present research and participate in debates. At the annual meeting one or more guests are invited to promote a debate on a particular Europe-related topic. The guests are typically either international researchers or Danish politicians or civil servants.

ECSA-DK is a member of the larger international network of European research: The European Community Studies Association (ECSA-world), which is an umbrella organization for national ECSA-organizations. ECSA-DK is the Danish member. This network gives us access to a large range of information about Europe and research on Europe.