The ECSA 2013 Conference takes place at Roskilde University, Building 25, Klyngerum 25.1, 4000 Roskilde.

The conference programme is shown below. For further information, see the RUC conference page or contact organizer at dss-ruc2013@ruc.dk.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

09:00-10:30 Ph.d. Students Session (Klyngerum 25.1) and Registration


The keynote address is given by Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Oxford University. Title: European Awakening? Why our future is in a demoicratic union.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Panel Session 1

Panel A: Europe’s New Global Challenges (I)



Mødelokale 25.3

Panel B: Eurocrisis and Collective Responsibility

Klyngerum 25.1

Chair: Niklas Olsen Chair: Laura Horn
Discussant: Ann-Christina L. Knudsen
Contributors:1) Ben Rosamond: The EU and its worlds: economic ideas, European integration and the discursive construction of the global economy in historical perspective


2) Hans-Jörg Trenz: Mediated representative politics: the Euro-Crisis and the politicization of the EU


3) Mikael Rask Madsen: The Global Structuration of European Law

Contributors:1) Jesper Jespersen: Getting Causality Right


2) Svend E. Hougaard Jensen & Andrew Hughes Hallett: When Macro Imbalances Are More Than Just Fiscal Imbalances: Implications for Financial Policies and Regulation Procedures


3) Angela Bourne & Sevasti Chatzopoulou: Social Movements and Responses to Structural Adjustments and Austerity in the EU

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:45 Panel Session 2

Panel C: Theorizing the EU as a Global Actor

Klyngerum 25.1

Panel D: Institutions and Actors in the EU Decision-Making Process

Mødelokale 25.3

Chair: Laust Schouenborg Chair: Angela Bourne
Contributors:1) Gorm Rye Olsen: Interests and Ideas in the European Union’s policies towards Somalia and Mali


2) Rebecca Adler-Nissen: Track-Change Diplomacy: The Making of Crisis Responses at the European Council


3) Michael Kluth: Soft, Pre or Semi-Hard? Understanding the European Union as a Global Balancing Act


4) Sanne Brasch Kristensen: Exploring the EU as Global Actor – the Value of the English School



Contributors:1) Helene Dyrhauge: Policy Framing and Venue Shopping for Harmonising train drivers’ certificates: the Commission versus the Social Partners


2) Jesper Dahl Kelstrup: Think Tanks as Policy-Shapers in the European Union and its Member States


3) Ayca Uygur & Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen: The Pitfall of Institutional Determinism and its Theoretical Displacement Effects: The Case of Working Time Regulation in the European Union

17:45-19:00 Drinks

19:30- Dinner at Restaurant Rådhuskælderen, Fondens Bro 3, 4000 Roskilde

Friday, 27 September 2013

08:30-09:00 Coffee

09:00-10:45 Panel Session 3

Panel E: Europe’s New Global Challenges (II)

Teorirum 25.1

Panel F: Democracy in European Variable Geometry

Klyngerum 25.1

Panel G: Neighbours and Borders: the EU and the Outside World

Mødelokale 25.3

Chair: Ben Rosamond Chair: Christilla Roederer-Rynning Chair: Michael Kluth
Contributors:1) Kennet Lynggaard & Ian Manners: Symbols and Myths in European Integration


2) Marlene Wind: Legitimacy and International Courts


3) Jens Ladefoged Mortensen: The EU-US trade agreement: Towards a strategic reorientation in EU trade politics?


Contributors:1) Tore Vincents Olsen: Democracy in European Variable Geometry


2) Janne Maria Solgaard Jensen: Cosmopolitans of the European Space: An Empirical Based Study of National Detachments and Belonging among Danish International High School Students in Aarhus, Denmark


3) Rikke Wagner: ’Transnational civil dis/obedience’ in the Danish Family Unification Dispute

Contributors:1) Mogens Hobolth: Wanted and unwanted: travellers: explaining variation in the openness of the European Union’s External Border.


2) Wolfgang Zank: Who is interested in becoming a good EU neighbour?


3) Lea Kahlke Hansen & Kristian L. Nielsen: EU Strategic Culture and the 2011 Libya War


10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

11:15-13:00 Panel Session 4

Panel H: The EU’s Public Agenda and the Parliamentarization of EU Politics

Mødelokale 25.3

Panel I: Democracy and Mobilsation in the European Transnational Space

Klyngerum 25.1

Chair: Sevasti Chatzopoulou Chair: Kennet Lynggaard

1) Maja Kluger Rasmussen: Lobbying in the European Parliament: Who Tips the Scales?


2) Justin Greenwood & Christilla Roederer-Rynning: The European Parliament and the Public Politics of EU Financial Reform

Contributors:1) Janine Leschke: Intra-EU migration after Eastern Enlargement and During the Crisis: lessons from an asymmetrical opening of EU15 labour markets


2) Manuele Citi & Mogens Kamp Justesen: Reforming Regulatory Regimes in the EU: Measuring Incremental Adjustments and Discontinuous Changes


3) Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen & Nikolay Vasev: Cross Border Health Care in the European Union; EU Governance and National Responses in Healthcare


13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:45 Panel Session 5

Panel J: Participatory Governance and Civil Society Advocacy in EU

Mødelokale 25.3

Panel K: After the Crisis?

Consequences and Challenges

Klyngerum 25.1

Chair: Sara Kalm Chair: Jesper Jespersen
Discussant: Hans-Jörg Trenz
Contributors:1) Jayeon Lee & Håkan Johansson: ‘Towards a relational approach to EU-based CSOs: the case of Platform of European Social NGOs’


2) Denis Frank: The formation of a pan-European civil society organization: A historical-sociological study of the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants


3) Ylva Stubbergaard: Political Coordination among transnational civil society organizations


4) Elsa Hedling & Anna Meeuwisse: The European Citizens’ Initiative. A New Political Opportunity Structure?

Contributors:1) Peter Nedergaard & Ben Rosamond: The Eurozone Crisis and Societal Theory


2) Cenci Alessandra: Austerity, Brain Drain and Social Justice in the EU: A Challenge for European Integration?


3) Jon Kvist: The Post-Crisis European Social Model: Developing or Dismantling Social Investments?

16:00-16:30 General Assembly (Teorirum 25.1)

16:30- Drinks

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